Title: Gandhi
Author: Chiara Lossani

Reading age: 11+ (middle-grade novel)
First publication in Italy: May 2022
Italian Publisher: San Paolo Edizioni
Pages: 192

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Title Description

A remarkable middle-grade novel about one of the most inspirational role model in History

He has been called the “father of India” and a “great soul in beggar’s garb”.

Gandhi was a frail man with a will of iron, whom non-violent resistance influenced modern civil movements. He changed the world, as he changed the lives of the people who met: young Khoi, whom Gandhi addresses with kindness even though he had just been beaten; Laxmi, who receives her first pair of sandals from the Mahatma, but also the gift of dreaming a life where she can follow his own passions; at the same time, Laxmi crosses her path with Seth and Kedar, the main characters of the third story; Srinivasa, who learn the meaning of fighting for freedom during the historic Salt March, while Vittoria and Sushila will discover the value of sacrifice made for love.

In this new middle-grade novel by Chiara Lossani, Gandhi’s life is narrated from the point of view of seven young people, who live at first hand the consequences of the injustices the Mahatma fought against. Through their eyes, the man behind the hero will be revealed, and new generations will discover one of the most powerful inspirational role model in History.

«Gandhi bent down and picked up a handful of it, raised it to the sky. “The dignity of India is represented by this handful of salt!”, he proclaimed. Then I heard my father murmuring: Salt today, freedom tomorrow».

Gandhi by Chiara Lossani
Gandhi by Chiara Lossani
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