The literary agency

Who we are

As a Rome-based literary agency, Bennici & Sirianni was founded in 2016 thanks to the cooperation of Michela Bennici and Lidia Sirianni.

We handle foreign rights representation worldwide for Italian and international publishers and author, with the precious support of our co-agents, scouters and translators.

We pay regular visits to the international book fairs: we attend the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs in Europe, while in Italy we are present at the Salone del Libro in Turin and the Children Book Fair in Bologna, the most important event in Europe for children literature.

Our deep attention to foreign publishing and our dynamic approach allow us to build and maintain close relationships with the main actors of the international publishing scene.



Our literary agency works with established sub agents to sell translation rights into many foreign markets.

Base Tres – Pablo de la Vega (Latin America).

Graal Literary Agency – Paulina Machnik (Polonia).

Tabor Consulting – Jacopo Pioli (China).

Islam Fawzi (Arabic speaking countries).

Recent sales

  • I rompiscatole (Babil Kitab, Turkey), Vittoria Iacovella
  • I rompiscatole (Melhoramentos Editora, Brazil), Vittoria Iacovella
  • I rompiscatole (Tecolote Ediciones, Mexico), Vittoria Iacovella
  • Sherlock Holmes Series (Italy), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Arianna Bellucci (illustratrice)
  • Una storia Nazionale (Bengasi, Libia), Roberto Renga
  • I senza cuore (Argo, Estonia), Giuseppe Conte
  • L’enigma del Führer (Italy, Fanucci), Stefano Mancini
  • La ragione per cui io vivo (Morellini), Sara Maria Serafini
  • Avoid Being Leonardo Da Vinci! (Leg edizioni), Jacqueline Morley
  • Science in the kitchen (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Fabio Meliciani
  • Science at the beach (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Andrea Gentile
  • Science in TV series (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Andrea Gentile
  • Hot Science under the Sheets (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Alice Pace
  • Mathematics in the coffee break (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Maurizio Codogno
  • The short-sighted watchmaker (Discourse Publishing, Bielorussia), Lisa Signorile
  • Vaccines: Are they Worth a Shot? (Argo, Estonia), Andrea Grignolio
  • In Sardegna con Grazia Deledda (Giulio Perrone Editore), Rossana Dedola