Bennici & Sirianni Literary Agency

Founded in 2016, we are a dynamic Rome-based literary agency with a diverse range of clients.

We represent Italian and foreign authors and Publishers in Italy and abroad.

Italian Authors in Italy and Abroad

We pride ourselves on representing new and established high-quality authors, working closely with them at all stages of their careers.

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Foreign Rights Representation

We have an international focus and make it a priority to sell our clients’ work in as many territories as possible. Our list is diverse and far-reaching: it includes fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

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B&S: A Global Approach

We represent more than 20 foreign publishers for the Italian market, from Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Russia.

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Latest Releases

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Recent Sales

  • Mathematics at coffee break (Discourse, Belarus), Maurizio Codogno – June 2020
  • The short-sighted watchmaker (Discourse, Belarus), Lisa Signorile – July 2020
  • Murder at street number 7 (Gruppo editoriale Fanucci, Italy), Angelo Marenzana – July 2020
  • Intrigue at the Green coast (Centoautori, Italy), Gianluca Arrighi – July 2020
  • Sherlock Holmes – A study in scarlet (Edizioni EL, Italy), Stephanie Baudet, Arianna Bellucci – July 2020
  • Sherlock Holmes – The sign of the four (Edizioni EL, Italy), Stephanie Baudet, Arianna Bellucci – July 2020
  • Science in the kitchen (Discourse, Belarus), Fabio Meliciani – August 2020
  • Science at the beach (Discourse, Belarus), Andrea Gentile – August 2020
  • Hot. Science under the sheets (Discourse, Belarus), Alice Pace – September 2020
  • In Sardinia with Grazia Deledda (Giulio Perrone, Italy), Rossana Dedola – September 2020
  • The incredible secret diary of Leonardo da Vinci (Santillana, Mexico), Maria Gianola – October 2020
  • The heartless (Argo, Estonia), Giuseppe Conte – November 2020
  • Oh, oh, la pelota! (Gruppo editoriale Brioschi, Italy), texts by Elisenda Roca, illustrations by Rocio Bonilla – Spring 2021
  • Spino (Univers Editura, Romania), Ilaria Guarducci – Spring 2021


Our Clients around the world

Foreign rights representation in Italy and Abroad for the following publishers

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